Asset Recovery Group

ARG Asset Recovery Group, which provides liquidation services for manufacturers, wholesale distributors, and retailers, is an alternative to traditional liquidation companies.  ARG provides a “total package” approach to assist lenders and companies in distressed situations to gain the greatest return on the dollar – an approach that has proven extremely effective.  The capabilities of ARG include on-site management, expense budgeting and controls, inventory management, system management, marketing and advertising, and internal and external communications.  The process is micro-managed down to the last detail that can impact the bottom line.

ARG works closely with and through financial institutions, companies and turnaround professionals to find the best possible solution during reorganizations, restructuring, mergers, and acquisitions. We work with, not in opposition to, all professions to meet goals, providing a significant point of difference between ARG and traditional liquidators.

ARG offers the insight of restructuring professionals, the expertise of seasoned retail and manufacturing executives, and experienced liquidation consultants. ARG principals have extensive manufacturing and retail backgrounds, including systems, finance, management, marketing, and merchandising, that many traditional liquidators lack.

Orderly and Strategic Programs include

  • Equity (Cash) Programs
  • Commission Programs
  • Combination Commission and Equity Programs
  • Market-Specific Consulting Services