ARG’s Remarketing Group divests either entire or partial inventories through wholesale distribution channels. The decision to sell in bulk or an orderly process depends largely on the type of inventory, its desirability and several other factors. When selling off part of an inventory, ARG realizes the need for almost surgical precision in execution, so as not to jeopardize the client’s ongoing markets. For this reason, ARG plans a marketing effort in conjunction with the clients to insure that all parties are aware of who is being contacted and that all agree on pricing. It is only operating in this manner that outcomes beneficial to all are achieved.

The ARG Remarketing Group assists clients in disposing of assets that are unnecessary to current operations or are redundant to other inventory. This generates liquidity for the client and can clean up credit availability. The added value of using the ARG Remarketing Group is that the inventory is typically not sold off through the client’s normal channels of distribution, so the market is not flooded with off-price goods, which would impair the client’s ability to market its inventory at normal margins.

The inventories that are disposed of can be older slow moving goods, inventories that were manufactured for or bought for customers who no longer want that product or a customer with whom the client no longer has a business relationship. This can be finished goods or raw materials and, in some cases, Work In-Process.

The personnel in ARG’s Remarketing Group have spent their entire professional careers in sales and marketing management, both domestically and internationally and have a large database of contacts around the world to dispose of excess inventories. Every day this division is seeking alternative channels of asset recovery.

In a typical situation a manufacturer, distributor or lender client will contact ARG in a sole effort to dispose of this inventory. In some instances this inventory will be identified through another ARG activity, such as an appraisal or restructuring effort. ARG’s main focus in the Remarketing Group, as in all of its efforts, is to manage an outcome that is favorable to the client.