ARG Workout Group

ARG is a value-added workout and wind down company with unique operational and financial experience that allows for the implementation of a plan – not just the projection of it. Staffed with experienced executives, asset recovery experts, and restructuring professionals, ARG Wind Down Group provides an alternative to traditional workout and wind down companies. ARG provides workout, wind down, and asset recovery services for manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers. Whether it is the sale of a company, liquidation of inventory, collection of outstanding accounts receivable, or the sale of manufacturing equipment, ARG manages all aspects of a disposition.

What differentiates ARG from other companies is the ability to see the entire scope of a deal instead of looking at just one segment. The positions of everyone involved are analyzed, and a wind down and liquidation plan is developed that addresses the needs and concerns of all parties. ARG brings experienced operational, financial, and liquidation professionals to each assignment. Other wind down companies rely on financial people who have an understanding of the process, but do not have the hands-on operational knowledge. ARG professionals run each aspect of the project, thereby bringing added experience that effectively increases recovery.

ARG alleviates the tedious, repetitious aspects of the litigation process by assuming the role of the Responsible Party, which means managing the entire process from start to finish. This approach allows ARG to gain a clear understanding of the implications of all decisions made and how they will impact all parties involved.

Services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Manage work-out and wind-down process
  • Manage and implement liquidation process
  • Review in-court versus out-of-court options
  • Communication plans – lenders, employees and creditors
  • Chapter 11 planning and preparation
  • Assess stability of operations
  • DIP or cash-collateral budgeting
  • Work with stakeholder to develop, negotiate and implement work out strategies
  • Analysis of the alternatives available for maximizing recovery including sale as a going concern, orderly wind-down and liquidation, or a complete shutdown and liquidation
  • Key employee retention and critical-vendor plans
  • Marketing of all fixed assets, inventory, and intellectual property
  • Manage 363 sales or out of Court sales
  • Monitor development and treatment of the Bank Group relative to Plan of Reorganization and Disclosure Statement
  • Bankruptcy schedules and operating reports
  • Litigation support and expert-witness testimony
  • Preference analysis and recovery
  • Manage insurance, security, employee issues, etc.
  • Manage the Collection of Accounts Receivable
  • Manage and coordination related professionals